Personality Class Part One

I walked into class today with a tired feeling of boredom. Modern humans are funny that way. We always seem to be bored yet make no effort to be interesting. For some reason we have the ultimate capacity to consume entertainment without realizing that it is more interesting to entertain ourselves. In any case, as I walked in to class this morning I was neither looking to entertain nor be entertained; I was wanting to go home and watch TV, which these days is more sobering than anything else.

Our teacher handed out a bulky pamphlet with the results of a personality test we had taken earlier. The test had been long and... boring, and I had already viewed the results online. These tests are ridiculous. It told me that I was Creative and Reticent and a million other qualities that ranged from rather flattering to downright silly. I sat down in the near-empty back row in hopes of doodling the hour away, but my interest was piqued when the prettiest girl in class, Maria, sat down next to me. One good thing about this boring test was that it gave us something interesting to talk about. I asked her where it placed her in the graph and flipped through the pages to find her faults.

"They say I'm too critical. Hmm... and you're too tolerant," I said with a teasing smile.

"Ohh... But it's not bad to be criticle," assured Maria quickly. She was from Mexico and spoke with a cute little accent. It made her words flow out smoothly and slightly moddled.

"I think that's unacceptable. You need to stop being so tolerant. And I'm going to stop being critical."

"Critiecism is not a bad thing," she replied. She had turned me down last week when I asked her out on a date, so she probably felt bad about it and wanted to make up... as long as she did not have to spend too much time with me. She really was tolerant.

Sitting in the row in front of us, one of her friends, Tiffany, overheard us talking and jumped on me. "You're creative? That means you're blunt. That's ridiculous! You're not blunt, at least not blunter than I am... and they didn't tell me that I was! They got you wrong!" She was a bossy girl. I wonder what her faults were; I didn't bother to look.

The teacher cleared her throat for attention, then divided us into two groups based upon the tests' results. One group was the Influence Dominant and the other was the Conscientiousness Dominant. Most everyone, including Maria (sadly) and her friend (not quite so sadly), found themselves in the Influence group. Surprisingly, I found myself with the conscientious crowd. Maybe this test might have erred slightly more than I first supposed.

Tiffany was rather upset at the division."I don't try to influence people!" She looked at a nearby student angrily. "You don't think I influence people's decisions, do you?"

I didn't hear the reply.


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