Equipment Inventory

My filmmaking equipment is now available for other Los Angeles filmmakers to rent! Also, I will consider trading filmmaking services in return for allowing you to use my equipment. If interested, email me.

Here is a list of the equipment I have available and the daily rate-

Camera Package - $70/day
1 Canon 7D
1 Pentax K-Mount to Canon EF Lens adaptor
1 Pentax 50mm prime lens (K-mount lens, F1.7)
1 Pentax 28mm prime lens (K-mount lens, F2.1)
1 Manfrotto Viewfinder
4 Canon batteries
1 Canon battery charger
1 32 GB Compact Flash card
1 Firewire CF card reader
1 USB cable for Canon 7D
1 Composite cable for Canon 7D
1 Lens cleaner kit (solution, soft cloth, brush and blower)
1 wireless remote shutter trigger for Canon 7D
1 Backpack designed for Canon 7D and all accessories

Sound Package - $45/day
1 H4N Zoom Audio Recorder
1 Rode boom pole
1 Rode Shotgun mike with windscreen
2 XLR cables
1 1GB SD memory card
1 8GB SD memory card
1 mike clip
1 shock mount
1 pair studio headphones w/ extended wire length
1 headphone splitter

1 slate w/ 2 dry erase markers - $5/day

5 stingers - $5/day

1 tripod with 75mm head (supports up to 27lbs.) w/ tripod case $15/day

Assorted Gels - $5/day

1 monopod (weighted at bottom to steady if movement is necessary) - $5/day

Please note that I am also available for hire by the hour, day or project as a director, DP, sound mixer/operator or editor. Email me with information about your project if you are interested in my services.


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