Hate Crimes

Here's a chunk of the lyrics to a little song I'm composing for an upcoming musical- 

It's the Twenty-First century and we've come quite a way!
Granted the world's still in a state of complete disarray,
But our laws are strong and our social norms are still stronger,
If anyone disagrees just call him a hate-monger.

When I was a little lad my father took me aside.
He showed me how to argue and to turn opinion's tide.
The people need simplicity for they have little time.
So to settle disagreements I just call a hate crime.

You could know the constitution, but who cares about that?
Besides right to privacy which we pulled out of a hat!
One could know moral law but that just breeds hysteria.
Why divide white and black? All's really a grey area.

 (In short, hate crimes ensure no one will ever disagree.
 Thus this blog will soon go because it disagrees with thee!)


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