Finding the Call

Below is the beginning of a mystery short story. Complete story is 1625 words long.

Scott turned the key in the ignition. The poor engine wheezed and sputtered but did not start. Then there was a crash. The car shuddered and settled. Something rattled on the ground outside.
He looked at his little brother, Jerry.
“Something fell off,” said Jerry with a shrug.
“Thank You,” snapped Scott. “Well, whatever fell can’t hurt us anymore.”
With that tidbit of mechanical wisdom, he tried the car again. This time, only the rush of Texas wind greeted their ears.
The two brothers were on their way to report for Spring Training in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Scott, a shortstop, and Jerry, a center fielder, were due tomorrow at noon, but the clock in the car read 12 midnight.
Scott got out of the car in disgust. He mumbled through gritted teeth, “Stranded in the middle of nowhere in a beat-up old car; can’t see ten feet down the road…” He looked at his cell phone. It still read no service. He angrily slammed the door shut, knocking the side viewing mirror out of its socket. “Well, let’s start walking. The last town was a few miles back.”
Suddenly, a scream split the night sky.
They peered into the horizon, but dusk had dropped a curtain before there eyes.
The scream sounded again. Beginning deep as if animal, it trembled higher till it sounded like a child. Thoughts of half-human races, the kind existing only in the nightmares of the young yet never entirely forgotten, shivered down their spines.
“This way!” cried Scott, and he ran off into the night.


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